The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one’s self.
— Dr. Maria Montessori

Since 1986, The Montessori Country Day School has been educating young minds from all around Holden, Massachusetts. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional classroom environment to empower our students' curiosity, creativity and educational growth.


Our Mission

The Montessori Country Day School helps children build their educational foundation for success.  Our school believes in attracting, retaining and developing an incredible school faculty who's mission is provide the best education available in the area, while maintaining an intimate classroom size.  Our students receive incredible individual attention, because we believe in keeping a relatively small classroom setting.  Teachers actively engage our students to foster problem solving skills, collaborative thinking abilities and inspirational exploration using Montessori materials and a unique learning process developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.  We continually strive to provide an exceptional school environment, which parents feel is the next best place to home, and students enjoy as they build their foundation for success across all aspects of their lives.

What students receive 

  • Fantastic grace and curtesy skills.
  • Individual focused attention from teachers.
  • A beautiful classroom environment.
  • A school that promotes diversity, respect and responsibility. 
  • An education delivered by certified, highly experienced Montessori teachers.
  • Community involvement and participation. 
  • Social development with other students.
  • Group and individual lessons across a wide array of curriculum subjects.