The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.
— Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori students enjoy freedom within limits.

Working within parameters set by their teachers, students are active participants in deciding what their focus of study will be.  Montessori families understand that internal satisfaction drives the child's curiosity and interest, which results in joyous learning that is sustainable over a lifetime!


At an early age, Montessori students develop order, coordination, concentration and independence.

Classroom design, material and daily routines support our young student's emerging self-awareness. Through learning grace and curtsey skills, our students also come to understand how to self-regulate their behavior with teachers and students alike.

Beautiful educational environment!

The Montessori Country Day School has a beautiful open floor plan.  It is a peaceful space where young students feel comfortable learning in a safe environment.  The Montessori lessons and materials continually change as the year and lessons progress.  Students are taught to care for their classroom environment, which fosters a sense of ownership and appreciation in our young learners.  We like to think of our school as the next best place away from home.

Children are valued as unique individuals.

Montessori education recognizes that children learn in different ways and accommodates all learning styles.  Students are free to learn at their own pace, each advancing through the curriculum as he/she is ready, guided by the teacher and an individualized learning plan.

Children are supported in becoming active seekers of knowledge.

Teachers provide an environment exciting and ever changing.  The Montessori Country Day School is a place where students have the freedom and the tools to pursue answers to their own questions while being supported by our teaching staff.

Students are part of a close, caring community that celebrates success.

The multi-age classroom - typically spanning 3 years - recreates a family structure.  Older students enjoy stature as mentors and role models; younger children feel supported and gain confidence about the challenges ahead.  All ages grow by working together while our teachers model respect, loving kindness and a belief in peaceful conflict resolution as needed.