Celebrating 30 years in 2016!

Where Children Build their Foundation for Success


At our school, children are valued as unique individuals.  

Montessori education recognizes that children learn in different ways, and accommodates all learning styles.  Students are also free to learn at their own pace, each advancing through the curriculum as they are ready, guided by the teacher and an individualized learning plan.


We focus on developing a child's full potential across all areas of life

The activities and lessons at our Montessori school promote the development of social skills, emotional growth, decision making, and cognitive thinking to help foster the development of well-rounded children. The community of our school helps students develop self-esteem by encouraging them to make decisions and become problem solvers in their daily lives. Sample curriculum can be viewed below. 

Sensorial Activities

Through the use of Montessori Sensorial Materials, our students are able to determine differences in color, texture, size, weight, shape and smell.  Their senses are refined and cognitive skills such as association and comparing are developed. The students are introduced to these materials through daily lessons.

Practical Life

Every morning upon entering our classroom each child is greeted by a teacher with a handshake and warm smile.  Social graces and courtesies become second nature for our students because they are practiced and modeled throughout the day. Other important life skills that are ordinarily found within the adult environment offer exciting challenges to our children. 


Our students learn about quantity, numerical values and the decimal system through the use of concrete mathematical materials designed by Maria Montessori.

Working with the Spindle Boxes, Bead Chains and the Red and Blue Rods children learn about abstract ideas and problem solving in mathematics.



Working with specially designed Montessori maps and globes children learn to identify the continents.  Each continent comes to life as our students learn about the countries, flags, animals, people and foods native to the area.  Learning about land and water forms becomes an exciting hands-on activity for our students as they create islands and lakes. 

Located in Holden, Massachusetts


Montessori Country Day School is conveniently located in picturesque Holden, Massachusetts